About LI.FI

<aside> 🌐 LI.FI is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol and is building a crucial infrastructure piece for the mass-adoption of blockchains. Abstracting away DeFi and making it available as API and widget to the dapplication layer, empowers developers to focus on what is truly important: building value bringing, decentralized applications for the consumer. Li.Finance allows limitless, cross-chain any-to-any swaps from anywhere, directly into the dapps.


πŸ€“ About the role:

As a Senior NodeJS Developer you'll help us to gather and organize data, working closely with our CTO and building a foundation for our smart routing backend and thus, core product. You'll aggregate data from the most important protocols in Web 3 - DEXes, DEX aggregators and bridges across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

πŸ“ˆ What you'll achieve:

πŸ‘€. What we’re looking for:

πŸ’™ Nice to have: